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When purchasing any weight loss product, it is important to do your research. Many people are exchanging  their opinions about Akavar on DietBlogTalk.com

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Akavar™ became popular in Europe first before hitting the US markets. In fact it boasts that it's the "European Weight Loss Breakthrough." Manufacturers make wild claims that one can eat whatever and as much as possible and still lose weight. Moreover, exercise isn't required. Akavar™ states that it helps lower caloric consumption to fewer calories than one consumes on a regular basis—which is a fancy way of saying it's an appetite suppressant. The manufacturer claims that one doesn't need to diet or start a rigorous weight loss plan, one simply has to take the Akavar™ product and they will begin to see results. They do, however, note that an exercise and diet plan would only enhance the effects of this product. It claims to target specific areas such as the arms, thighs, and buttocks, and waist. We say phooey.

Ingredients at a Glance

The ingredients in Akavar™ aren't available on the manufacturer's website. They are available however with diligent searching. The ingredients include caffeine from Green Tea and Xanthine, Guarana, Kola nut, Ginger and Ginseng.

Ingredients in Focus

Since the ingredients aren't available on the Akavar™ website, it's difficult to be sure that one can find all of the ingredients without having a product label. Nevertheless, from the ingredients that are available, it's easy to determine that this product relies heavily on caffeine. The product has a number of ingredients that supply caffeine including Green Tea, which is becoming more popular in diet products. It's also known to help suppress the appetite, but pales in comparison to many newer,fresher and more exciting fat-burners. Xanthine is a stimulant that is used in asthma treatment. Guarana is a typical ingredient in diet products and supplies a burst of caffeine, even more powerful than one delivered in Green Tea. Kola nut is another form of caffeine commonly used by diet pill manufacturers. Ginger has been known to provide energy and help with blood circulation.

  • None

  • There is a heavy emphasis on caffeine in Akavar™.
  • The manufacturer doesn't post the ingredients on its website.
  • The manufacturer doesn't encourage exercise with the use of this product.

Final Thoughts

Akavar™ claims to lower caloric consumption, yet its ingredients are mostly stimulants. The manufacturer never uses the word appetite suppressant, but calls itself a one of a kind formula. The ingredients don't suggest that they've added anything special that makes this product unique. While caffeine is popular among diet pill manufacturers, it has been known to cause side effects. The fact that they don't encourage exercise allows the dieter to feel that it's ok to eat in an unhealthy manner because they will lose weight while using the pill. The truth is, the only proven weight loss formula is diet and exercise, and supplements with a lot more reliability that this one. Look for a product that goes beyond the dull, and overused caffeine. Better ingredients are out there.
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