The Spiritual Retreats Organized by Z Meditation in India

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At times, it becomes necessary for us to take a break, leave our usual environment, to reconnect with ourselves lest we become overwhelmed by the humdrum and demands of living. For most, a holiday is the answer. Meaning a few weeks at a resort or some other place of relaxation and supposed enjoyment.

An alternative to this, which may be much more beneficial, is going on a spiritual retreat. Spiritual retreats [] are designed by practitioners and teachers of meditation to avail the individual the opportunity of self-discovery or re-discovery. At spiritual retreats, meditation is a key element of the activities as this process helps in calming the mind, allowing the individual to look at things and situations dispassionately.

Z Meditation offers spiritual retreats to members of the general public who are interested in reinventing themselves and developing the capacity to face and handle all the difficulties of life, which are certain to present themselves in all our lives. Z Meditation conducts their spiritual retreats at a location in a small town in the well known Himalayas where you are sure to leave behind all the distractions and issues of daily city life. The view from, and the surroundings of the Z Meditation center, where their spiritual retreats are held, are simply breathtaking and need to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. Just as well for the extreme quiet in the area, as this is very beneficial for the practice of meditation.

The spiritual retreats organized by Z Meditation are of two types, the short and the long course. The short course takes into consideration the fact that there will be a lot of people who cannot just afford the time while genuinely desirous of true freedom, so three day spiritual retreats are provided for their needs. For those who can take longer breaks, fifteen day spiritual retreats are conducted at the same premises. Both forms of spiritual retreats as provided at the Z Meditation center are fully residential and there is very little to bother about, apart from personal effects.

The method of meditation used is called Z Meditation, a process employing Deep Deconditioning Enquiry. This is a process of systematically rooting out the conditioning that one has been exposed to throughout life to effectively come to a state of unconditioned peace, happiness and love.

You will be amazed at what can be achieved in just three days. The goals are for you to get a deep understanding of the mind and detach the mind from feelings. The student who prepares herself and goes through the practices outlined will come to the realization that much of her restlessness and suffering comes from previous attachments to certain preconceived wrong notions. It is indeed possible to be happy even within the most unpleasant external situations.

The costs of spiritual retreats held by Z Meditation are most manageable, being a fraction of what one will expect to spend at a regular holiday resort. These spiritual retreats are staggered throughout the year, and the sincere seeker of freedom will always find a slot for himself at a time period that is convenient for him.
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