Incite a Passion and Make Your Man Fall in Love

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Why is lust easier to find than love? Can you get a man to fall in love the same way you get him to lust after you? Do you want to make your man fall in love? Are you desperate for answers to these questions, then read on and learn the secrets to incite a passion and make your man fall in love.
You need to understand why lust seems to be a bigger pull for men than love.
The answer is easy because lust is so much less complicated.
There it is it's not biology is just laziness.
It's human nature for all of us to follow the path of least resistance, to try for the most reward.
This is why it is so much easier to get a man sexually rather than emotionally.
The emotional bonding takes real work over time while sex doesn't.
Love is much more about the emotional bond, having sex early in the relationship can cause a man to resist anything, which will require any more work.
Why? There is no point to it now.
He has already gotten close to you and so why should he work harder for a strong emotional bond.
The real trick is to keep sex out of it until you have developed and emotional bond.
You are much more likely to enjoy it and the relationship will have substance and depth, it will not be based solely on physical attraction.
Sex is a counterfeit of emotional bonding, any person will settle for it in place of the true bond, which requires much more work.
Once you have your priorities right between these two things inciting a passion in your man and making him fall in love will be so much easier.
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