Three Engagement Ring Cuts to Consider

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Many grooms-to-be are completely bemused when they begin to think of buying an engagement ring. Choosing the cut for it, however, is a good place to start. There are many different cuts out there so it is advisable to do some research before launching into a shopping expedition. Here we outline three of the most popular engagement ring cuts, one of which is bound to suit the lady in your life.

The Round Cut

The ring cut known as the round brilliant is the most popular and arguably the most researched of all of the different types. Its popularity has been maintained since its debut almost one hundred years ago. Designers and cutters have been incorporating mathematics and theories of light reflection to optimise the fire and brilliance in the round stone for many years. This cut offers great flexibility in design and also presents the opportunity to balance cut, colour and clarity so that the sparkle you desire is achieved. Most designers will suggest that you choose a gem that falls into either the €ideal' or €very good' cut categories if you want to really emphasise the brilliance of the stone.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut is another engagement ring cut that is often chosen by grooms for their brides-to-be. The four pointed corners elegantly form a square or rectangle and offer a distinct look to the ring. For a square princess cut the ideal length-to-width ratio of the stone falls between 1 and 1.05, but for the rectangular shape you need to consider ratios greater than 1.10.

The Emerald Cut

This stunning engagement ring cut was originally designed for emeralds but is now often seen in diamonds. The cut stands out because of its pavilion, which is an emerald shape with facets that are rectangular in appearance. The open table on this cut is large and the shape of the stone emphasises the stone's clarity. This can be particularly admired when contemplating the stone from above. The classic emerald cut must have a length-to-width ration between 1.3 and 1.4. Rougher gemstones with a lower clarity grade must be chosen with caution as they can vary in how rectangular they are.

Every one of the above engagement ring cuts have been popular on the market for many years and their popularity never wavers. Their classic style and stunning appearance makes each one of them an excellent choice for any bride-to-be.
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