How to Find Hidden Treasures by GPS

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    • 1). Visit, and sign in or create a new account using the links in the upper right portion of the screen.

    • 2). Click "Hide & Seek Cache" from the menu on the left.

    • 3). Enter the zip code you will be searching into the box and submit the search to find caches in the area.

    • 4). Choose a cache from the search results and click the "Check Coordinates" option.

    • 5). Add the coordinates to your GPS as a waypoint. The exact method of this will vary based on your GPS device. Repeat if desired for further caches if you wish to search for more than one cache.

    • 6). Follow the directional arrow on your GPS to the location of the cache.

    • 7). Find the exact location of the cache once you reach the area, as most GPS units will be accurate to about 50 feet, meaning it can not lead you directly to the cache, rather to the general vicinity.

    • 8). Add your name to the log book in the cache once located, and place your trinket, while removing the trinket left by the previous hunters, if desired.

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