How to Bend Wood Molding

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    • 1). Build a form for holding the molding in the correct bent position while drying, if the molding will not be immediately installed. Trace the shape you wish to achieve with the molding onto a hard surface that can be easily cut, such as hard foam.

    • 2). Cut the foam based on the traced shape. Make sure the foam is wide enough to easily hold the molding. The most efficient way to cut hard foam is using a utility knife.

    • 3). Attach clamps to each side of the molding so that you can hold it over the steam without placing your hands in harm's way.

    • 4). Create steam with a minimum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have a steam box, use a pot of boiling water to steam the molding. Boiling water usually creates steam at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, depending on your altitude above sea level. If you are at a high altitude, adding salt to the boiling water will increase the temperature of the steam.

    • 5). Hold the molding over the steam until it become pliable, usually 20 minutes of steam for each 1/4 inch of molding thickness.

    • 6). Remove the molding from the steam and install it immediately in the proper position or clamp it to the form you've created. The molding will dry in the position you install or clamp it in.

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