How to Make a Straight Line Without Line of Sight

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    • 1). Measure and mark the location where the straight line will start with a pencil. Move to the other area that is out of sight and mark the location where the straight line will end. Measure the same distance on both sides so a straight line can be made.

    • 2). Open up the chalk line and fill it with chalk. Use blue chalk for non-permanent applications and red chalk if it can be permanent.

    • 3). Hold the clip on one end of the chalk line at the first location you marked with a pencil and have a helper walk with the chalk over to the other side. Do not touch the chalk line to the object you will be marking a straight line on until you are properly aligned.

    • 4). Align the chalk on the other side at the pencil mark and hold it firmly in place. Lay the chalk down flush on the surface and have a third helper pick up the chalk line by a few inches in the middle and snap it down on the surface.

    • 5). Move the chalk line away from the surface and roll it back up. Inspect the line you made and verify it is straight and connects at each end.

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