Jumpsoles Workout Exercises

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    • Go to a high school or college track and mark off six 10-yard sections. Start at the first section and sprint 10 yards. Walk the next 10 yards. Sprint the following 10 yards and then walk another 10. Complete the set by sprinting 10 yards and then walking the final 10. Take a 30-second break and go back to the starting line to complete another set.

    One-legged Hops

    • Do this on the basketball court or a running track. On the basketball court, start at the end line and hop on your right foot until you get to the near free-throw line. Hop on your other leg until you get to center court. Hop on your right leg from center court to the free-throw line. Go back to your left leg from the free-throw line to the end line. Repeat the set by going from the far baseline to the near baseline, alternating legs at the same positions on the court.

      If you are doing this on the running track, alternate legs at the five-yard mark.


    • Stand in the middle of a room so there are no walls to lean on for support. Place your right foot about two feet in front of your left foot. Bend your right knee until it is about two inches off the ground while lunging forward. Hold the position for three seconds. Return to the starting position. Do this 10 times and then do the same with your left foot in front of your right. Take a 30-second break and then repeat the set.

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