Can You Lose Weight by Rollerblading?

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    How Rollerblading Burns Calories

    • According to the site Skatelog, losing 1 lb. of weight requires burning around 3,500 calories. As an example, Skatelog gives an example of a 150 lb. individual skating 11 miles an hour: This person would be burning about 10 calories a minute. Therefore, this individual would have to skate for a total of 350 minutes (approximately six hours) in order to burn 3,500 calories, and lose 1 lb. of weight. Needless to say, most people won't want to skate for six hours!

      The amount of weight one can lose by rollerblading is going to depend entirely on the weight of the individual, how fast (or hard) they are rollerblading, and for how long they rollerblade. In general, it's wise not to assume that weight loss will come as quickly or dramatically with rollerblading as it will with jogging. Still, the weight loss will happen at a much more gradual yet nevertheless guaranteed rate.

    Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

    • Rollerblading greatly increases the heart rate and blood circulation rate the way that any effective cardiovascular exercise should. Rollerbladers can intensify the aerobic aspect of skating by exerting more force for greater lengths of time, though beginners will want to work incrementally towards longer, high-exertion rollerblading workouts.

      The anaerobic, or muscle development, benefits of rollerblading are first rate for the hip and thigh areas. Also, rollerblading is excellent at strengthening the hamstring muscles.

    Movement Variation 1

    • One way to expend more calorie-burning effort, and get a better inner and outer thigh workout, is to alternately open and close the legs while rollerblading forward. In a slow and controlled movement, open your legs in an inverted V-position while rolling forward, making sure not to spread the legs too far apart. If it helps to have a visual, think of spreading the legs at a 30 degree angle from the ground rather than a 45 degree angle. Return the legs to a standing position in a slow, controlled movement and repeat continually while rollerblading.

    Movement Variation 2

    • By just rollerblading up a slight incline, a rollerblader can greatly increase the level of exertion and the amount of calories burned. If one pairs inclined rollerblading with the variation 1 exercise, they will soon find themselves getting a workout as intense as jogging.

      It is important, of course, for any rollerblader who attempts to skate uphill to have a decent mastery of skating, specifically start/stop techniques. Steep inclines--either uphill or downhill--are best avoided regardless of ones level of skill.

    Important Rollerblading Safety Issues

    • Before rollerblading, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, it's important to remember a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.

      Wrist guards may not seem like a necessary piece of equipment for an activity that involves the legs, but think of how people react when they're about to fall--the hands go out immediately to lessen the impact. Keep the wrists protected with guards.

      For obvious reasons, a helmet is also particularly necessary. As with biking, the individual must keep his head protected with a high quality hard gear: hard exterior and well cushioned interior. Any impact to an unprotected head can lead to a concussion or worse.

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