Video: How to Make the Eiffel Tower Mixed Drink

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Video Transcript

This cocktail is called an Eiffel Tower. It involves brandy, vodka, triple sec, and anisette. Now we're going to put this into a cocktail or a martini glass which we want to chill first. Let's let that sit over there. Get nice and cold. Take your shaker glass. Fill it with ice. And the two main ingredients are vodka and brandy. We're going to use two parts. We use an ounce and a half of each. Let's take our vodka first and we'll use our jigger. Pour one ounce on one side and a half ounce on the other. And we will follow the same with our brandy. Do it in reverse order. That doesn't matter. Half ounce there and one ounce there. Then we're going to use a 3/4 of an ounce of our triple sec and our anisette. Now, triple sec is an orange liqueur. It's popular in Long Island ice teas. At least a three count because I'm going to free pour that because I don't have a 3/4 ounce jigger. And then the same thing with the anisette. Anisette is made from Anis. It's got a black liquorice type of flavor to it. One, two, three. Shake all these ingredients up and pour them into our martini glass. This is definitely a unique tasting cocktail mixed with quite a variety of ingredients. There you go. Look at that. Mmm mm mm. Enjoy.
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