How to Check the Balance on a Visa Gift Card

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Checking the balance of your Visa gift card is essential.
This is a convenient way to pay for your purchases but if turned out that your card funds are less than the total of your purchases, your gift card will surely be declined.
There are a couple of ways to check the balance of your card.
Here is what you need to do: Method 1: Call your visa card provider.
The numbers are usually included in the papers with the card.
Call that number and ask your remaining balance.
Now remember to jot it down so you won't forget.
They will just ask you your pin details so they can check for your balance.
Method 2: There is the manual way of checking and that is to collect the receipts form the shopping transactions you made using the card.
Add up the total and then deduct it from the original fund of your card.
Simple math, isn't it? Just don't forget to staple your receipts together so you do not miscalculate your total card expenses.
It is important that you follow these methods as the remaining balance of your card will not reflect on the system of most department stores.
The card will just be declined without you knowing why.
Also, it is important to know the balance so you can maximize your card.
If your total exceeds the balance of the card, you can ask the cashier to use up the amount of money left in the card and the rest of your payments will be made with another method of payment.
Some people fail to check why their cards were declined so they just leave it as it is.
Little did they know that there are still some more funds left in the card.
This is a total waste of precious money.
Collecting the receipts from your transactions also help because you can return your purchases and get a refund if the product you bought is a bit faulty.
You can ask them to put the refund in your gift card.
This process usually takes a maximum of seven days.
Now that you know how to check the balance of your Visa gift card, it is time to be a responsible shopper.
Know how much you are spending so you can keep track of the remaining balance of your card.
This way, you can prevent wasting a lot of money.
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