The Epidemic Of Adult Obesity

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You may or may not be surprised to hear that obesity in this country has multiplied at least four times over the past few decades.
Now many more people are walking around with at least twenty extra pounds on them, and many much more than that.
Our lifestyles have changed, becoming more sedentary every year.
We sit in front of various screens instead of getting up and moving.
Many of the jobs we do require sitting.
And, to top it off, there's a wealth of fast foods and junk food snacks available everywhere we go and these kinds of foods are often quicker and cheaper than their more healthy cousins.
You may not think much about extra weight at first because it creeps on slowly and you seem to blend in with everyone else around you anyway.
But obesity is insidious and soon you'll be noticing a change in your lifestyle and in your health.
To change things, we first need to understand the risks involved here for our overall well-being.
For many people, this is the motivation to change things in their lives.
Of course, we can start with the mental aspects, since there are psychological burdens that we see as soon as a child is deemed overweight.
People don't treat overweight people kindly, and it's hard to move around (literally and figuratively) in a world where you're going to be made fun of or shied away from or denied entrance into certain groups or types of employment.
But it isn't just the mind that will be affected.
There are various physical risks that lead to over 300,000 deaths a year.
There are cardio vascular problems of course that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Someone with just fifteen or so extra pounds is immediately at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and that's a slow killer in itself.
If nothing else, it's disabling and requires constant monitoring and may result in loss of bodily functions.
Many cancers, too, are more likely to be found in people carrying lots of extra weight.
These are cancers such as breast, prostate, kidney, colon, and gall bladder.
But that isn't all that can be affected.
Think about the breathing problems that a heavy person has when walking even a moderate amount.
There are also diseases of the liver and veins, as well as arthritis and others.
That's why you must learn about the risks that obesity brings and think about how to mitigate these with a good eating plan combined with exercise.
There are a lot of websites you can search to find out which foods and which exercises are available to you at the weight you are now so that you can commit to a plan and start to get healthy today!
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