How to Care for Hair Cuticles

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  • 1). Avoid heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons unless absolutely necessary, and never use them on a daily basis. Allow your hair to air dry or towel dry gently whenever possible. If you use a blow dryer, set it on a lower heat setting and angle the dryer so the hot air is not blowing directly onto your scalp. Instead, use a brush or detangling comb to lift your hair away from your head so you can dry it.

  • 2). Wash your hair with shampoos designed to restore moisture and build body. Condition your hair with conditioners that are infused with oils to restore oils that are lost during shampooing and heat styling. Do a weekly deep treatment with a leave-in conditioner or homemade conditioners (such as a blend of mayonnaise, olive oil and egg yolks).

  • 3). Avoid exposing your hair to the elements when outside; sun and wind can rob it of needed nutrients. Wear a hat or a scarf over your hair to protect it. Consider using a sunscreen designed specifically for hair if you plan to be spending the day outside, such as at the pool or the beach. Rinse your hair thoroughly after exposure to chlorinated water.

  • 4). Have your hair cut regularly to limit the development of split ends. They can cause the cuticles to separate and expose the cortex, which can be easily damaged.

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