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There are many types of Indian jewellry that has gained acclaim all over the world. These jewelry are admired for its wonderful artistry and craftsmanship. They are also very varied in its types that their numbers and varieties seem inexhaustible and could be found just about anywhere. This must be because Hindus from every part of the Indian country has their own styles in making these jewelry and they even use different kinds of materials that could be found in every nook and cranny of earth's natural bounties.

The most famous types of Indian jewellry are those that are made by the tribal groups of the country. The ethnicity as well as the designs of these Indian jewellry must be what gained them the acclaim and the popularity that is present among international circles that collect such items.

A type of Indian jewellry that is known for the intricacy as well as delicacy of its design is the filigree. Metal threads that are very fine are used to form this Indian jewellry. These threads are plaited, curled as well as twisted to make a design. A blowpipe is used to connect these threads together by the application of gold or silver. This type of jewelry is most well known among the people who are into fine jewelry.

Trendy people go for the type of Indian jewellry now in the market that are known as the terracota jewelry. The Indians making these type of Indian jewellry used clay in fashioning rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets, pins for the hair and anklets, among others. These items are engraved with different designs and then glazed for a beautiful finish.

Elaborate design and chunkiness in its make are also not lost among Indian jewellry. This type of Indian jewellry is called as the temple jewelry. Embedded with precious, this 22 karat gold jewelry is famous among rajahs and queens who wants the best pieces for themselves.

Of course, the understated jewelry collectors would still find what they want in Indian jewellry. Pearl jewelry in India is very bountiful with the country being one the major pearl exporters worldwide. Available in colors that range from white to dark grey, these exquisite beads from the sea are made into earrings, bracelets, necklaces and hair ornaments.

Indian jewellry termed as jute has also been lauded among youngsters, who like the jewelry's playful qualities. This type of Indian jewellry has exquisite colors because of its adornments. The Indians who made this type of jewelry used threads, beads and shells of different colors that are bright and very eye-catching in its boldness. This Indian jewellry is very affordable.

Heavy jewelry is also very common among Indian jewellry. They have those bell-shaped earrings that are known for its bead and mirror work as well as those made of silver that are oxidized. There is also the Indian jewellry that is aptly called as lacquer jewelry after the material from which it was made from. This jewelry, which comes embellished with brass and glass, is made from tree sap that is hardened and named lac.
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