How to Remove Write Protection From an MMC Card

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    • 1). Slide the lock switch on the card to the unlock position. On the side of the card there is a tiny tab that can slide between lock and unlock. Make sure this tab is in the unlocked position. Is there is no sliding tab, use a small piece of masking take to cover the notch on the side of the card. If this does not work, move to the next step.

    • 2). Try the card in a different card reader. Sometimes card readers can be faulty and give the error when the card is not write protected. You can also wipe off the copper contacts on the card with a microfiber cloth and try the card again. Another trick is to insert the card into a card reader, unplug the card reader with the card in it, allow it to sit for 30 seconds, then plug in the card reader. If none of these tricks work, move to the next step.

    • 3). Format the card. Backup all the data on the card in an external location such as a computer hard drive. You can format the card in different devices. If you use the card in a camera, you can put the card in the camera and then choose "format" from the menu. If you use the card in a computer, you can put the card in the card slot and choose "format." There is also a format option on cell phones. This step will delete all of the information on the card.

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