How to Make Teeth Whiter - You Can Whiten Your Teeth at Home Without a Dentist in No Time

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Do you want to have a smile that captivates people? Or do you want to have pearly white teeth like those A-list Hollywood superstars? Ever felt miserable that you are the only one in your group that does not have the confidence to smile? You can have those pearly white teeth but here is what you need to know first.
o If you smoke you need to quit smoking now, if you want to whiten your teeth.
Besides damaging your health, smoking is one of the biggest reasons you get stained teeth.
o The enamel on your teeth wears away naturally with age, this is why it is twice as important to look after your teeth as you grow older.
o Cut down on coffee, tea and dark foods these all stain your teeth and leave them looking yellow.
When you were younger your teeth stayed white no matter what passed through your mouth, this is because the enamel is strong and it takes a while for the effect of all this to start damaging, staining and yellowing your teeth and eventually the enamel weakens, causing the teeth to appear tinted.
This removes the shine and makes your teeth appear unsightly and yellow.
Today, there is such a wide mixture of smile-whitening items out there for you to try that you aren't certain which one you should select.
If you end up using a teeth whitening tray, you will see it requires your mouth being shut for a considerably long time until the process finishes, but they are effective.
Some whitening strips can and do slide right off of your teeth, making them impractical to use, and a waste of your time and money.
Some are effective though.
Whitening pens require you to use a pen with the whitener in and run this over your teeth, the problem with this is you can easily miss part of your teeth or certain areas.
It is up to you to decide what method to use to whiten your teeth at home, some dentists use the same kits as you use at home.
Whichever method you use they are all very quick and only take a few minutes each day.
Many companies are currently offering free trials of their whitening kits, allowing you to whiten your teeth without any cost at all and to get your gleaming smile back in no time at all.
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