How to Get All the Passes for Pokemon Fire Red

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    Tri Pass

    • 1). Defeat Blaine, the Gym Leader at the Cinnabar Gym. He specializes in Fire-type Pokemon.

    • 2). Agree to go to the islands with Bill. He comes to Cinnabar Island to get your help after you beat Blaine.

    • 3). Talk to Bill on the first island. He will eventually give you the Tri Pass and introduce you to Celio.

    Rainbow Pass

    • 1). Capture at least 60 Pokemon.

    • 2). Defeat the Elite Four. You will get the National Pokedex.

    • 3). Return to the first island and go to Mt. Ember.

    • 4). Go through Mt. Ember until you get to the room containing the Ruby. Pick up the Ruby.

    • 5). Return to Celio at the Pokemon Net Center with the Ruby. He will give you the Rainbow Pass.

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