Hypothetical History of Music and Wedding Bands

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Music is universally accepted and recognised as an art form and medium.
But how, when and where it came about is something that is yet to be written about.
For purposes of discussion, let us try and construct that history of the origin of music as an art form and medium.
As such, the concepts and ideas that will follow will be largely hypothetical.
Any parallels and similarities should not, in any way, be construed as actual and real.
Music must have started as hummed tunes to express happiness or in whining sounds to express grief or loneliness.
Mothers may have put melodic inflections to hummed sounds or words to make their babies feel the assurance of their presence.
These must be the origins of early ditties, love songs, laments and lullabies.
Audiences in that and subsequent generations could have improved upon the melodic sound forms into full-blown vocal music that, even in its early form, had the power to stir emotion.
This development could have inspired and stimulated other musically inclined souls to go with the "flow" tapping on kettles, pots and even tables.
They could have banged and pounded harder on the table in step as the music sung gained momentum in loudness and tempo.
The practice matured and the more inventive artists developed more elaborate "musical instruments" that became standards as they matured in sophistication.
That must have spawned the birth of brass, percussion, reed, string and wind musical instruments of later generations.
Music must have purely been a medium of art in the beginning.
It was not tainted with commercialism as yet, since man then had yet to discover business or trade.
With the "invention" of trade, music also became a commercial commodity as with any other craft, merchandise or profession.
As man became more civilised and started to become smarter, he invented conveniences such as money in coins and later, paper bills of legal tender.
Bards came into being as musicians who carried information and news in their songs accompanied with skilful plucking and strumming of their mandolins, collecting money from the people they entertained and inspired.
Celebrations of war victories and weddings were supposed to be the first causes and venues for festivities.
Singing and dancing were always present amidst floods of mead and wine that enhance the merriment with happy intoxication freeing up the spirit to soar in uninhibited pleasure.
That must have spawned the birth of wedding bands.
With all the hypothetical scenarios we have just sketched up, whether it was that way that music was born unto the earth or in whatever manner similar or dissimilar to our description, it is still with immense gratitude that we are able to appreciate and enjoy music as we know it today.
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