Types of Beer Glass

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    • The various modern types of beer glasses only became common in the early 20th century, replacing the older custom of drinking beer out of pewter tankards or ceramic mugs.


    • The use of beer glasses, especially in British pubs, reflected modern trends toward commercialization and standardization, with a 10-sided glass becoming common in the 1920s.


    • As Germany is famous for its excellent beer, so it is known for its many types of beer glasses, from the half-liter wheat beer glass to the tall and tapering pilsner, and the wide, and usually lidded, stein. The stein can also be made of ceramic, pewter, wood or precious metal.


    • Beer glasses can also resemble glasses used for other kinds of alcoholic beverages. Beer snifters are used by connoisseurs to appreciate the aroma of fine beer and tulip glasses help to preserve a good head.

    Fun Fact

    • Beer glasses can also reflect social necessity, with steins acquiring their lids as a way of keeping out dangerous disease-bearing flies.

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