Motorized Wheelchairs Vs Power Scooters

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Motorized wheelchairs are a boon to the owner.
They allow so much freedom.
While we all probably have a fixed picture in our minds on what one of these look like what is the real difference between one of these handy contraptions when compared to the new power scooters that have become so popular over the last few years.
To know which, if either, is right for you and your needs then you really should compare the two.
When it comes to motorized wheelchairs you are probably thinking of the chair with the four tires and joystick.
It looks like the manual wheelchair but it has a battery pack on the back that resembles a small car battery.
This is your standard fair chair.
The user hops in it and uses the old fashioned game controller style joy stick to maneuver around his or her surroundings.
The power from the motors give the user the ability to go further and quicker than they could without the added assistance but they can be bulk and difficult to maneuver.
This is especially true of those chairs that have the standard fixed back wheels.
Power scooters, on the other hand, are much different than motorized wheelchairs.
These machines resemble a small scooter or bike.
They often have three wheels, although some brands have four wheels, and are steered with handle bars much in the way that you would steer a bicycle.
Some of these little chairs have baskets on the front to allow the user to carry things with them as they go from place to place.
These chairs are for those who have a hard time getting around their home or other areas with ease.
This is normally due to age or other more minor disability.
If you are able to walk but have difficulty getting around then you might want to consider getting one of the new power scooters.
If your disability is more advanced then you will want to consider a motorized wheelchair.
These chairs might not be as stylish or maneuverable than the scooter but they do offer the user an easier control mechanism.
You can simply push a small joystick forward to get it to go rather than twist a handle and then aim it the direction you need to head.
It really is all about you.
You need to decide what limitations you have and where you are wanting to use your new wheels.
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