Insurance Sales: Ten Methods of Prospecting, Part One

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I am a bit of an avid fly fisherman. I was instructed by my father, who is a mighty catcher of fish. I watched him out-fish many men, many times. Even on the same stream on the same day, he would haul in a lot more fish than any other angler in the party. The way he would do this holds a valuable lesson in prospecting for insurance clients.

My father knew a very important variable in his formula for success was finding the fish. Instead of casting his line into the same pool of water each time, he would cover a lot of ground; selecting places that he was sure would have fish. He would look in deep, swirling pools and creek corners eroded by the swift current. Beaver dams and large boulders would catch his attention.

The bottom line is he would look for fish in a multitude of varied places on each outing. Most would think that using the correct bait is the most important factor, but the correct bait won’t catch anything unless you find a hungry fish.

I would liken this to searching for clients, or what we refer to as “prospecting.” Successful insurance agents will vary their activity with multiple types of prospecting each week and each day. There are a lot of people out there that need our help; we just have to find them. I prepared a list of ten methods of finding clients. (In the forthcoming part two of this article I will discuss each method in greater detail.)

1. Internet Leads

2. Referrals

3. Cross Selling

4. Business Lists (calling)

5. Signs and Pull Tabs

6. Flyers and Inserts (stuffers)

7. Networking

8. Walk and Talk

9. Advertising

10. Self generated Internet responses

With so many ways to find clients that are uninsured, under insured, or over paying for their current benefits, the only missing ingredient is work. That’s where you come in. (To be continued.)

The article first appeared on the Insuranti blog, Profit Streams [].
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