How to Fix R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call

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    • 1). Open the Visual Studio 2010 program by clicking on its icon. Load the “Visual C++” project that is giving you the “R6025” error.

    • 2). Run the program by pressing the green “Play” button from the Visual Studio toolbar. Attempt to recreate the usage pattern for your software that originally created the “R6025” error. When this error is created, the Visual Studio debugger will stop at the line of code where the pure virtual function was made.

    • 3). Examine the code that called the pure virtual function. Pure virtual functions cannot be invoked directly, and can only be accessed through inheriting functions. You have two options: First, you can redesign the code so that it uses an inherited function, rather than a pure virtual function. Second, you can change the pure virtual function into a virtual function. Virtual functions can be invoked directly, although this may undermine specific design goals for your software project.

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