Jones Act Law: Making Sure Of The Safety Of The Maritime Workers

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There were several industry exist in different part of the globe, to sustain the rapid growing of the demands of the people, to respond to the demand for production, to gave livelihood to the people in need. Each industry has different working routine and along with it was the risk the workers were attached into. The workers' lives were bound to the corners of their career which was the source of their living. One of largest industry was the maritime industry which includes enterprises engaged in the business of designing, acquiring, constructing, manufacturing, operating, supplying, managing and operating shipping lines, marine repair shops, shipping and freight forwarding services and similar enterprises. Because of being the largest industry, maritime industry was also told to be the riskiest industry.

Upon seeing the situation of the maritime workers that were situated in great risk, it was on the year 1920, the merchant Marine Act of 1920 was passed by Senator Wesley Jones. The said law was also known as the Jones Act Law named after the senator who made Merchant Marine Act of 1920 possible. The maritime workers were entitled of the full assessment and compensation in the event that they met an accident or suffers personal injury while rendering service. Jones Act law covers claims from incidents such as, in land maritime injuries, ferry or water taxi injuries, tanker or cargo ship injuries, offshore rig injuries, tugboat or barge injuries, fishing trawler injuries and work boat injuries.

For the maritime workers Jones act Law was their protection, Their helping hand and the law that keep them the strength not to end helplessly and away from negligence. There were companies that were not following the legislation stated on the Jones Act Law, and as a concern worker you should not think twice before fighting for your rights.

There were incidents that you cannot control but for having a career under maritime industry with the high risk came along with it, consider your life and those who depends on you, your family.

Common reason as mentioned earlier for the accidents and injuries were the routine of the workers. For maritime workers, they were often times having long number of working hours compared to the regular working hours, in addition they were working away in an open sea for a couple of months. These routine mat lead to health complications and may end up in a personal injury. As a maritime worker, Jones Act Law was with to fight for your claims and rights.
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