How to Use Platform Feeders to Prevent Bird Disease

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    • 1). Purchase a bird feeder that will be easy to wash. Platform feeders are very basic in design and are one of the easiest to clean.

    • 2). Install your platform feeder at least 15 feet away from a window or as close as 2 feet away. Preventing window collisions and subsequent injuries is one way to maintain healthy birds that will be less susceptible to disease. A close feeder will not allow a bird to get up flight speed, and a distanced feeder will distract a bird away from a window.

    • 3). Clean the feeder once a month using one part chlorine to 10 parts warm water mixed in a bucket and applied with a scrub brush.

    • 4). Rinse the feeder thoroughly to remove all traces of bleach.

    • 5). Clean your birdbath also in the same manner to prevent the transfer of disease from one receptacle to another.

    • 6). Supply only enough food that will be eaten in one day.

    • 7). Keep all stored seeds dry to prevent molding.

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