Does She Like You? - How To Tell If She Wants You

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No matter what age you are as a man, one of the hardest things to do is to determine whether or not a woman really likes you. And by likes you, we are not talking about he's a cool guy I'd like to be friends with. You want more than that and that is what you really want to be able to detect. You also want to know HOW to make a woman want YOU.

There's no question that this is something that every guy has to go through when he meets a woman. You think that you have her right where you want her, you just are not really sure. Maybe she smiles at you when you talk, but it's not enough to really determine whether or not you really have her right where you want her.

This can cause you to wonder is she really does like you and if she likes you as just a friend or maybe more than that. Of course, you want to make her feel the latter, so, you want to know ways to determine if she likes you or not.

Here are some tips that can help you to figure her out and see whether or not she really wants you the same way that you want her:

1. Test her. Women test men all of the time, so why not switch things up and test her a bit? You can test a woman to see if she likes you by checking on little things like her body language, whether or not she tries to make her look better for you, etc.

2. Make a move on her. Hey, if you really want to know whether or not she likes you, then why not make a move on her? Some guys will try to avoid doing this to save themselves from getting snubbed by a woman they like, but in the end, you got to find out at some point.

3. Make it HARD for her not to want you. How do you do this? By doing all of the right things to trigger a woman's attraction, flirting with her the right way and making her feel sexual attraction, you really can make it hard for her not to want to be with you.

Some guys get caught up in the mix where they are not sure where they stand with a woman. You have to find out at some point in time, so why not make that time now?

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