The Facts About Carbohydrates In Pizza

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People that are living with diabetes or those on a diet that restricts carbohydrate consumption, may be wondering if they can eat a slice of their favorite pie or not. For those that are wondering, now is the perfect time to learn some facts about carbohydrates in pizza.

People that are living with diabetes already know that carbs are a primary source of glucose. It is very important for a diabetic to keep track of the amount of carbs they consume. As long as they are monitoring their blood sugar, they can safely indulge in their favorite foods without having to worry about negative repercussions.

When looking at different pizzas, it should be noted that the crust is the one item that is full of carbohydrates. One of the pies that contain the most is the Pan style. With an average of 70g for every 3 slices, it is one of the worst choices that someone watching their carb intake can choose.

In contrast, the thin crust is a style that is lower in carbs with approximately 45g for each 3 slices. One way to make the pie a little healthier is to add fresh vegetables instead of sausage or pepperoni.

It is not true that choosing a brand name means fewer carbs. In fact, one of the most popular brands that thousands of dieters use each year contains as much as 61g. Many people are under the misconception that if it is a diet food, it must be okay to eat.

If you are on a diet that does not allow you to consume any carbs at all, then there are no options for you to choose from. For those that are a restricted diet or are diabetic, with the use of controlled portions along with good sense, it is okay to have a slice of your favorite kind without worrying about the carbohydrates in pizza too much.
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