How to Make Homemade Tinkerbell Outfits

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    • 1). Dye the bathing suit and nylon skirt according to the package directions. Allow the garments to dry completely.

    • 2). Cut the hem of the skirt. Make V-shaped cuts around the hem to create the fringe. The cuts should go all the way around the skirt for a total of six to eight Vs.

    • 3). Spray a pair of adult fairy wings with glitter.

    • 4). Paint an old pair of heels lime green. Allow the spray paint to dry.

    • 5). Attach the pompoms to the shoes.

    • 6). Pull your hair into a top bun, like a ballerina's. If you have bangs, leave them loose, like Tinkerbell’s. Tie a blue ribbon around the bun.

    • 7). Sprinkle silver glitter over your hair and body to represent fairy dust.

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