History of pellet mill with flat die and ring die

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Want to find the history of flat die pellet machine and ring die machine?

Do you really know the history of pellet mill? Now, Let's look at it togrther.

The ring die pelletizing mill is firstly created in China,just like the progress of football history. But as time goes by, especially after the introduction of ring die pelletizing machine into Europe, pelletizing technology rapidly improved which ultimately evolved into European patent. The international apply flat die pelletizing mills to perform animal feed before they import from China's ring die pellet machine.

As we all know, flat die mills are widely used to make feed pellets which can be much less than ring die pellet mill, therefore ring die pelletizing mill machines became increasingly popular on the earth.After adopting the reform and opening-up policy, China has begun to introduce ring die pelletizing mill pelletizing mills on a large scale. Now, simply because its large output, less power consumption, the ring die pellet machine mill machines has become the best option both domestic and overseas to have good feed.Along with the international understanding of the environment, biofuel materials turned out to be in the limelight. Straw, wood chips, municipal solid waste and so on, could very well be pressed into pellets for combusting.

In addition, its combustion is really good too, pelletizing mill has enhanced its technology in Europe rapidly in only five years by improving the growth of pellets right from the start of the ring die pellet machine, all at once, it changed the flat diepellet mill again since flat die pelletizing machines are really proper to do such pelletizing.

Today, with low cost, high-use value of the green bio-fuels,wod pellet mill has become a good choice for the home and smallfactories, even large fuel plants.The pellet mill machine can process various raw materies to making wood pellets,biomass pellets and grass pellets.
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