How To Teach Your Children at Home:

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Study is very important part of life. Every parent's wish that their children get higher marks in exam. So they force children to study every time. Like after school send for tuition and teach also at home. But it's not good for a child's mind. Extra pressure on a child's mind is not good for their health. So After school without sending tuition you can teach at home easily.

Today's time parents don't have sufficient time to spend with children's. So you can spend 2 or 3 hours of your daily routine life with your children. So here is the best idea to teach your students at yourself. Its help to maintain the relationship between child and parents. And if you are with them they also happy.
Here are the some tips which help to teach your children at home.

You can follow these simple steps to teach children at home:
€Read to your child: When you started to teach your child then say to read yourself. Gives the book and started reading in the book which chapter do you explain. When your child read in book listen carefully if mistakes in words then tell him and rectify errors. So you can easily improve correct reading capacity of your child.

€Ask Question: Asking questions when your child is reading books. It's a great idea to encourage your child's ability and your child more active at reading time. If you teach your nursery kid child then ask question about images that make you see mouse, cat and many more questions. If you teach your teen kids then gives question to solve them in math's or physics.
€Incorporate multiple domains of development: Children easily learn best things easily when multiple areas of sense developed. If your child shows interest in another field like in art or sports than don't ignore it and make strong field for your child.
€Classify the Genre: When your child is around 5 then taught the difference between real and make - believe. In market many types of books available so purchase them and teach with the help of books like comic books, story books, books, songs, alphabet books.
€Phonemic awareness and phonics: Phonemes" are the most modest sounds in the English dialect (go here for a complete rundown of phonemes). These sounds are made up of consonants, short vowels, long vowels, and digraphs. "Phonemic Awareness" comprises of studying those sounds and how to control them inside an expression. Digraphs are extraordinary sounds contained distinct letters like /th/, /sh/, /ch/
Here are more techniques which help to teach your children at home. You know that parent is first teacher of any children. So you easily be familiar with your children.
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