Getting Back With Your Ex - A Three Step Guide

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Have you recently broken up with the love of your life? It can be devastating, but it doesn't have to be.
With three simple steps, you can get him back in just a few months.
Over 90% of relationships can be saved.
Will yours be one of them? The first step to getting your ex back is the one that people have the most trouble with.
First, you need to leave your ex alone.
Many people feel the best way to get back together is to beg your ex to take you back.
However, this usually backfires.
Instead, you want to take an approach of making yourself unavailable, so your ex starts to miss you.
That way, when you do contact him, he'll be more willing to talk to you.
The second step is to use the time apart to work on yourself.
You see, your ex started dating you for a reason.
So you want to recapture what first drew him to you.
Spend some time at the gym, get your hair cut, and buy a new outfit.
Also, don?t forget to work on the inside.
Make sure that you are attractive to your ex through your personality as well.
Finally, the third step is initiating contact.
After a few weeks have gone by, your ex will start to miss you.
Then, when you show up looking hot at a place he hangs out, he?ll want you back.
Chances are at this point, he'll be the one begging you for a second chance!
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