How to Stop Being So Mean to Your Boyfriend

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When you have a boyfriend, you do want to make sure that he is treated well so that you have a happy and healthy relationship.
You might have noticed that you have been mean to your boyfriend lately.
It's not something that you want to continue to do.
Find out what you can do that will help you end this behavior.
First of all, you need to have good communication.
You must have an understanding that if you are joking or being sarcastic that it's not meant to hurt him.
If he doesn't understand this even after explaining it to him, you might want to not joke with him like that so much.
It's not intentional but it's something that can hurt.
When you are angry don't say everything that you want to say in those moments.
You need to have a bit of a filter.
There is no need to be cruel or call him names regardless how angry you really are.
Learn to recognize when it's your insecurities that are lashing out at him and not what he is doing.
You might feel intimidated or jealous and say means things to get back at him for how you are feeling.
This is very immature.
Talk about these with him so that you can both work on them Stop trying to change him so much.
This is where quite a bit of conflict will come up.
When you try to change him, there will be tension.
You can't always be making comparisons else he won't feel like he is good enough for you.
Talk about your intentions.
Let him know that you have felt you have been mean and want to do better.
He might have some insights that might help you treat him better.
You might have become so comfortable around him that you are treating him badly.
You might need to spend a little bit less time together so that you can learn to appreciate him like you should.
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