How to Kill Spiders in Your Backyard

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    • 1). Crush the spider using a hard object, such as the base of your shoe or a rolled up newspaper. This is both effective and non-toxic if you can find the spiders and quickly hit them.

    • 2). Use a vacuum cleaner to kill spiders in hard-to-reach areas.

    • 3). Use an insecticidal spray that contains pyrethrins, resmethrin or allethrin to kill spiders that you see. These active ingredients only kill the spiders upon contact. If a spider walks over a sprayed surface a few days or even a few hours after the treatment, it may not be affected at all.

    • 4). Look for egg sacs around the area where you found the spiders and destroy them to prevent them from hatching.

    • 5). Apply an insecticide that contains chlorpyrifos or diazinon to the outside surfaces of your home to kill any spiders there. These products come in liquid form and you may have to mix them with water before use. Follow the label instructions closely.

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