How to Stop Coming Over the Top in the Golf Swing

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Many different people enjoy the sport of golf today.
It's no longer for the rich and powerful, but rather a game which everyone enjoys.
Whether it's the high-powered business associate or the weekend golfer who enjoys it only as a pastime or hobby.
Whoever you are and however much you play, one thing is certain, you want to be the best golfer you can be.
Part of this is learning how to improve your game and identify when you are "coming over the top", a common handicap which plagues many amateur golfers.
Learn how to stop coming over the top in the golf swing and take back control to improve your game and get the end over your opponents.
Our physical body plays a huge part in the way we swing our club.
It's all about being as powerful and efficient as we can, which can be an extremely complicated thing to execute, but once you get it down not so much.
Many golfers are older in age and limited as to what they can do physically which of course effects their game, a perfect example of how our bodies have an impact on the game we play.
As long as you do the proper exercises and take care of yourself by making sure your body is strong and flexible, then you will ensure a better golf game despite your age.
Never let anyone tell you that you have to quit playing your best because of how old you are.
Exercising is the first step to taking care of yourself and improving your overall game.
This isn't weight lifting or strenuous training of any sort, it's all about doing simple stretches to take care of the muscles needed in golfing on a regular basis.
If you fail to do these exercises regularly than you shouldn't do them at all because it completely defeats the purpose.
To strengthen any muscle in your body it must pushed and exercised on a regular basis, not just when you feel like it.
You are making an investment in your golf game by doing this as well as your overall health.
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