Fundamentalists Are Atheists

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Fundamentalists are atheists because they live, act, and preach as if God's values do not exist.
Fundamentalists are those who take religious texts literally.
They terrorize people into submission.
They do this by killing people in the name of God or, by terrorizing them psychologically.
They preach God through hate.
Atheists are thought to be those people who deny the existence of God.
Yet, some of those who deny God's existence are moral and responsible, and respect the differences that make people who they are.
To me, they are not atheists.
Atheists can be those who carry their religious texts wherever they go.
But, what distinguish them from true believers is the way they live their lives.
They live as if God's moral values do not exist.
God's greatest value is expressed in the Golden rule: treat other people with respect, as you want to be treated.
If you want to be treated differently because you are different, then treat others differently because they are different.
The Golden rule demands that one treats the other with respect and responsibility for the well being of the other.
Fundamentalists, who terrorize people physically and psychologically, disrespect people because they are different from themselves.
They emphasize the differences between themselves and the 'others'.
But they do so not in the way of respecting the differences that make 'you' and 'I' unique.
On the contrary, they use the 'differences' as their way to explain why they are in the right, while the others are in the wrong.
Fundamentalists, are, in the proper sense of the word, atheists.
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