Furnishing Your Home In Today" s Economy

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When trying to furnish your home, there are several things to take into consideration: budget, versatility, comfort, and style. Finding the perfect set of furniture that fits all these prerequisites is sometimes a challenge. Have you found yourself in this predicament? Well, look no further! Bean bag chairs can be the solution to your furnishing nightmares!

Budget A number one concern in this economy

In todays economy, the average person has to budget their lives a little more carefully. Money is tight and you may think that re-furnishing your home is going to have to wait. Who has a couple of thousand dollars to spend on furnishing just one room? Does this mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort? No! Bean bags make it easy to stay within your budget. They are less expensive than traditional furniture and last longer since they can be refilled! If you somehow lose some beans, they can be replaced. Its much less expensive to buy a refill than it is to buy an entirely new couch once the cushions become lumpy!

Versatility Allowing for change

Have you ever tried to rearrange a room full of big furniture? Large couches or sectionals take up so much space that there is often only one way they fit in your living room! Bean bag chairs are not only smaller, but they are also easily moveable. If youre the type of person who enjoys rearranging furniture just for the fun of it, these fun chairs may be the perfect solution for you. Rearranging every couple of months is not such a big deal when youre not trying to move huge pieces of furniture. Need wide open spaces for a large get-together? Bean bag chairs are easily moved aside or tossed in a corner to allow for more space. These chairs offer ultimate versatility to allow for every life-style.

Comfort For all body styles

Bean bags mold to your body, fitting you perfectly. No matter your shape or size, a pear-shaped bean bag chair has a unique form that gives them a little more structure and a back to rest against and gives you a comfortable place to sit! It sits low the ground so you can play card or board games on the floor and still have a seat with a back. Whether you are sitting up straight or lounging back in relaxation, these bean bag chairs will provide you with supreme comfort.

Style Varies in each household

Each person has their own individual style so bean bag chairs are made in a variety of materials, colors, themes and patterns. Some people enjoy furniture that is loud and is full of personality. Others prefer chairs that blend into the environment. Still others would rather have a bean bag that reflects their favorite basketball team. No matter what your style is, there is a bean bag to fit you.

Aside from being affordable, versatile, stylish and comfortable, bean bags are also 100% recyclable! Now you can feel good about buying new furniture because you know you arent supporting the harming of your environment by purchasing them. Unlike your old sofa that has grown lumpy and no longer supports your back, pear-shaped bags can be re-fluffed, re-filled and re-arranged.
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