How to Build a Freestanding Patio

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    • 1). Use a piece of rope to outline the proposed patio. The length of the rope will depend on the desired dimensions of the patio.

    • 2). Use a shovel to excavate the patio site to a depth of 12 inches. Use a level to ensure the bottom of the site is flat.

    • 3). Fill the site with 6 inches of gravel. Use a tamper to tamp the gravel so that it's smooth. Add a 2-inch layer of sand on top of the gravel and tamp this layer as well.

    • 4). Locate the center of the patio and set the first brick. Tamp it down with a rubber mallet, then lay the next brick and repeat. Work the desired pattern from the center out to the sides of the patio. Place the bricks as closely together as possible.

    • 5). Use a saw to cut bricks to fit around the border of the patio, if the last spaces are too small for a full brick. Set these bricks as you did the others.

    • 6). Pour sand over the top of the patio. Use a brush broom to work the sand between the bricks. Continue until all the joints are filled with sand.

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