Reclaim Women"s Waistlines

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This is for women only. Guys, turn away unless you need it for your loved ones.

I have never touched a topic like this before, and I was lucky enough to not struggle with weigh gain issues (hopefully never). But growing up I saw people who went from slim to overweight, it must have been a painful experience... Last September I went home and had a reunion with my middle school classmates, and they were shocked that I stayed what they called 'thin'. Unfortunately some very attractive girls years back were packed with 20, 30, or perhaps 40 pounds. It was strange that when I was little I didn't feel over weight was such a pandemic, but nowadays being slightly overnight seems a norm. People seems struggling with weight gains. The used to be good looking girls are unfortunately struggling with weight gains.

Having not experienced the pains of trying to lose weight, I do can understand the feelings of packing on unwanted weight, even when you are very vigilant about what you put in your mouth. I had a high school roommate who was a really smart girl. She came from a poor rural area just like me, and she was thin. But then she started gaining weight. She gains weight even if she drunk water, as she puts it. She started on dieting. She stopped eating real food, just drunk some type of weight loss tea. She did lost lots of weight, but she lost appetite as well. In fact she threw up if she ate real food. Soon she become frail and very weak. We were really concerned about her but she had this strong will to lose weight and maintain her figure. I really didn't understand back then how could someone exchange their health for a beautiful figure. But it is real, having an attract body means just that much to a girl/woman.

I more and more realize that weight gain is a large issue, especially for women. Women's body is so unique and delicate. During puberty and pregnancy, the body is taken over by hormones. This may make any effort to lose weight ineffective because of the chemistries going on in the body, which prefers to store fat. Women have been portrayed as beauty, and having a good figure is a vitally important thing to women themselves, and perhaps a healthy society at large. Being an attract woman obviously means a hot body, and being so will allow you to attract the man you love. Don't get me wrong, having an attract female body does help with career as well, believe it or not (PS: not that I personally have this advantage, it's simply observations and common sense).

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