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A clean home is important for the health of our loved ones as well as for aesthetics. The quality of the air can be improved by regular home cleaning. However, the products we use to clean and sanitize our homes can be hazardous in themselves. Not only are some chemicals respiratory irritants but they also can be hazardous to handle and to store.

There have always been people who were sensitive beyond the usual to air contaminants but because of the prevalence of chemicals in everyday life more and more people are reporting chemical and allergen sensitivities. Individuals with respiratory issues already may find their breathing negatively affected by the tremendous variety of chemicals and perfumes we use every day.

Green cleaning products can improve the air quality of a home while keeping it clean and fresh. Disposal of green products is usual far less toxic to the environment than equivalent chemical cleaners. One of the more toxic cleaners we have in our homes is the chemical based toilet cleaner.

This is a harsh and potentially dangerous cleaner which may even contain large amounts of strong perfumes in an attempt to cover up the odor. Disposal of this chemical product is difficult and storage problematic as accidental contact with bare skin, mucous membranes or ingestion can be poisonous.

Green cleaning products for toilets should be completely biological products. All scents should be natural oils as perfume is an issue with many environmentally sensitive individuals. Green products for the toilet should also arrive in biodegradable containers. Read the labels carefully.

Green cleaning products should contain no inert ingredients. If an ingredient is not active and performing a function, it doesn't belong in green cleaning products. Scents must not be perfume and citrus or oils are popular alternatives to harsh perfumes.

A home can be cleaned just as thoroughly with green cleaning products as with the harshest of chemical cleaners. The difference though can be felt and smelled and certainly noticed by individuals with respiratory sensitivity. Chemicals surround us; they are in our cleaning products, personal care products, even our foods and the impact of this surfeit in chemicals are being felt by young and old.

Personal care products can be green as well. Chemicals and perfumes in soaps, shampoos, and even green pet care can improve the quality of the air in the home as well as provide a healthier alternative to chemicals. Even laundry soaps can be non-toxic and perfume free when using green cleaning products.

The move toward natural cleaning products is one intended to provide a healthier and clean indoor environment. Additionally green cleaning products make less of an environmental impact both in manufacture use and finally disposal.

Although many of us have been trained to believe that the best and only answers to cleaning is chemical and that perfumes are necessary to a clean home, green cleaning products can do the job without chemicals or perfumes. Whether a family member has respiratory issues or the change to green cleaning is preventative and earth friendly, read the labels and assure the products you choose are fully natural.
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