The Oasis Documentary First Aired on ABC TV in Australia - Now an Uncut DVD

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The back cover says: Tough kids from tough backgrounds living dangerous lives...
These are the young people of Oasis, a grimy brick refuge in inner-city Sydney.
No story is too horrific, no circumstance too dire, no kid too damaged for its tireless director, Captain Paul Moulds.
Father figure, counsellor, saviour, and an orphan himself, Paul is nothing short of a legend amongst those who stumble in at breaking point, with nowhere left to go.
Only Paul is there through all the chaos, from the birth of new babies to the funerals of those who self destruct prematurely.
This raw observational documentary filmed over two years, charts the fraught lives of Paul's extended family and captures his daily battle to save these lost children of the so called 'Lucky Country'.
This short article is my review of Paul and this documentary.
I first met Paul after I attended the church in Surry Hills Sydney called StreetLevel.
The sign outside the church and the Salvation Army community centre that is attached, has pretty obviously been done by a street kid graffiti artist.
Paul and his wife Robin Moulds pastor my church, that they first set up for the street kids that they work with would have a place to meet God and worship.
Many of the children in the doco, attend the church and come into the community centre for a cheap meal, or for clothes for free.
Not since the really honest and brutal documentary of Mike Willisee in the 1980's that screened on Channel Nine, have a seen such a poignant gritty, story about the desperate lives of inner city street kids with no holes barred.
In the Doco, you see Paul arriving at work at 6am and form then to late in the afternoon/night Paul is busy.
To get ten minutes with Paul Moulds is hard, even though he has over fifty staff doing work with him.
Paul and his wife Robin are some of the most humble, down to earth pastors who see the good that can be a child's future if given support and healing.
They are both tireless and work for a minimum wage.
Both Robin and Paul speak at conferences and they are very engaging when they speak in public.
They both speak from years in the school of hard knocks, they are big readers, and they are both full of the grace of God.
All the children in the Doco are treated equal no matter how bad they are.
Both Paul and Robin believe that you can't expect to see a person change, unless they are first loved and accepted in a community.
As a person who looked suicide in the face in my personal life with a mental illness, Paul Moulds was the first person I have ever heard in my life that spoke the truth about suicide.
Whether you live in the USA or you live in Australia, this doco once you have watched it will haunt you.
Hundreds of people who saw the work that Paul does when the doco aired on National TV rang and volunteered their services.
Paul and Robin had thousands of emails coming in, and many youth that have been helped by them years ago got in touch with them to say they saw the doco.
In Australia the doco is free to rent at any Video Ezy store in the country.
And they have a website that has many things on it.
I encourage all people who read this to get themselves a copy of this documentary.
Be Blessed Matthew Robert Payne
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