Consider Making a Real Estate Investment in Santa Cruz, California

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Buying a home ocean front - Santa Cruz, California Santa Cruz County is very pretty and uniquely situated with several nice ocean side communities.
Located within 3 hours drive from approximately 5 million people, it has been a magnet for relaxation and enrichment for well over a century.
With Silicon Valley only 45 minutes away and San Francisco just an hour and a half, the beach house you want is close at hand.
As with most great real estate investments, location is usually one of the strengths.
Proximity to the water or to quaint little local towns like Capitola, Seacliff or Rio Del Mar, have a lasting appeal.
Of course the best location is at the beach.
Having a beach front home on the sand or a more private one on the bluffs, not only says you have arrived, but it has a superior investment potential.
They are not making any more beaches and the world keeps getting more populous.
Think ahead and guess what the prices maybe in 10 years, then buy now.
Why buy a beach house in Santa Cruz, California? For many that is not a question of why, because it is a great place to unwind and recharge, but which community and beach? Who does not like going to the beach in Santa Cruz? So really the decision comes down to what you can afford, when do you plan to use your home or investment, and how will you use it? For some the idea is making money with their beach house, for others, it is a place for family gatherings and a place to get away.
Renting your beach home can be economically beneficial as it can help defray some of the costs.
People pay the most to stay at the beach, on the sand or in close proximity.
So if you consider the potential payback of an ocean front home, the investment can be attractive from an income and tax perspective.
As with any such consideration consult a CPA or an exchanger in doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange.
You can exchange out of apartments or other rental properties for a beach condo in Pajaro Dunes or at the Seascape Resort, or a home on the sand in Rio Del Mar.
What other real estate investments are good in Santa Cruz? Since Santa Cruz beach houses continue to grow in value, investing in one can be a wise decision.
Beach houses often have the highest appreciation.
These properties are in relatively short supply, and there are no more beach front or oceanfront developments.
Buying a home nearby a few streets back can also be a good decision.
The cost is less, and you can be a matter or 5 or 6 blocks from the water for half the cost.
After all, even if you don't plan to live in the house or to rent it out, simply reselling it in the future may help you achieve a nice profit.
You could consider an ocean view condominium in Capitola, or Seascape as a lower cost investment as well.
Frankly I believe that real estate is a 5-10 investment window and the single family homes that are on the Rio Del Mar beach front or ocean view bluff homes in Santa Cruz will appreciate the most.
Property in Santa Cruz and the surrounding communities are at great prices now, and there is a good selection.
The time to buy a home is now while the rates are low.
Enjoying Your Private Beach House in Santa Cruz Of course, if you decide to purchase a Santa Cruz beach house, you don't have to sell it for a profit or use it only as a rental property.
Rather, you can enjoy all that Santa Cruz has to offer and keep it as your own private retreat! There are a number of beautiful beaches, including Capitola beach, Rio del Mar Beach, my favorite, Sunset Beach, Seabright Beach, Manresa, and Natural Bridges.
People come from all over the United States to enjoy these beaches, surf and play - just imagine having one of them in your own backyard.
When you are ready to learn about the benefits and beauty of owning Santa Cruz real estate, go to propertyinsantacruz.
com and see the videos of Capitola, Aptos, and find the Santa Cruz beach house of your dreams.
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