Sales Letters - How to Get it Right!

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The sales copy you have on your website and the sales letters you send out to your client/prospect list need to be right! Get it wrong, and well you know what will happen, how many websites have you clicked away from, deleted emails and thrown mailings in the bin without a second glance because they did not capture your attention and make you want to buy?  If you don't get it right that is precisely what your clients will do too! When it comes to buying from the Internet people are smarter today than they have ever been before and you wont get away with poor sales copy anymore.
  Unless you spend some time and effort planning and designing your sales letters you will be in danger of not only missing out on new clients, your old ones will disappear as well.
  Generally speaking there is a 12 step process you need to work your way through to produce sales copy that works, it's not rocket science but it is a process that is proven to work time and time again.
  Let me give you a quick summary so that you can compare it against the process you currently use ..
You do have a process, don't you!
  1. Headline - Capture attention.
  2. Introduction - Brief intro' about your product/service.
  3. The problem - What problem will your product/service solve.
  4. Make the problem worse - Make them feel they NEED your product/service.
  5. Solution - How your product/service will solve the NEED.
  6. Reasons - Give benefits; value for money, easy to use, attractive, etc.
  7. Bullet points - One line summary statements of the benefits.
  8. Features and benefits - Beef up the bullet points in 2 or 3 sentences.
  9. Bonus item - Special time related offer, free gift, 2 for the price of 1, etc.
  10. Guarantee - Time limited money back guarantee.
  11. Order - Clear, precise and easy to use order area.
  12. PS - Reminder of benefits and bonuses.
Of course this is only the layout process you should follow and things such as testimonials can be included here and there if you have them.
  Writing the all important sales copy is the next task when you need to think like your potential customers, and I recommend you try it out on someone who doesn't know your product/service (not friends or family) before launching it out into the Internet after which it could be too late to repair any possible damage to your reputation.
If you want to know more about sales letter writing or you want help with writing your own sales copy simply get in touch with me by using the details on the contact page.
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