Training a Puppy is a Positive Experience

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Training a puppy can be a very rewarding experience.
Not only are you teaching your puppy how to behave but it's also a great time to bond with your puppy.
It's very important to spend time with your puppy and what better way then to teach him new things - how to sit, how to stay, how to heel, etc.
When training your puppy, one of the first things you should teach him is the "take it and leave it command".
This will come in handy for many different reasons.
There are many times you don't want your puppy to eat something.
Say you're going for a walk with your dog and he comes upon something in the road.
You can simply say to your dog "leave it" and he will leave it alone.
Or maybe you're at a picnic and your dog is eying some food that is not for him.
Simply saying "leave it" will tell him it's off limits.
The first thing you need to do to teach him this command is to put your puppy's favorite treat in your hand.
Open your hand and tell your puppy to "take it".
Do this three times.
On the fourth time don't say anything.
As soon as your puppy starts to take the treat close your hand.
Don't pull your hand away.
Leave it there.
Your puppy will probably start to lick your hand trying to get at the treat.
When your puppy stops wait a few seconds and then open your hand and tell him to "take it".
Continue to repeat this until he catches on.
It might take a few days.
The important thing is to be patient and not give up.
He will eventually understand.
Make sure you praise him every time he gets it right.
No matter what you are training a puppy to do make sure you give him lots of praise.
Talk in a happy, positive voice and give your puppy lots of love.
Also make sure are consistent.
You have to work with him every day.
Don't give up and you will not only have a better dog because of it but you will also have a bond that is stronger than you could've imagined.
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