Quitting Smoking Benefits - Are They All They"re Cracked Up to Be?

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Every smoker, if they're honest with themselves, knows that they'd be better off if they could kick the habit.
I want to mention a few quitting smoking benefits here in the hopes that it will help you to finally quit smoking once and for all.
The obvious benefit, of course, is to your health.
Almost all lung cancer (around 90%) is due directly to smoking.
Not only that, smoking increases the risk of several other cancers as well.
But although cancer is the dramatic health problem, perhaps even worse is the chronic lung disease that smoking causes.
It's remarkable the amount of denial that smokers have around this.
They act as if it's perfectly normal to begin each day by waking up and hacking up some phlegm.
The fact is that you can't smoke without damaging your lungs.
No matter what your level of function is now, it would be better if you didn't smoke.
The real tragedy is the people who wind up with crippling lung disease, unable to enjoy any of the activities that make life worth living.
They linger for years constantly struggling to catch their breath watching life pass them by and dreading any minor cold or respiratory problem.
Enough about that.
Another quitting smoking benefit is financial.
The cost of cigarettes has gotten to the point where many smokers spend a few thousand dollars a year on their habit.
It seems tragic, if not downright foolish, to spend so much money on something that causes so much harm.
Think about all the better things you could do with that money when you're free of the smoking addiction.
A less obvious benefit to quitting smoking is what it would do for your opinion of yourself.
Smokers know that they have an addiction.
They may make excuses to justify it ("I need something help me deal with all the stress.
" and so forth), but at base they know that their smoking habits control them rather than the other way around.
When you finally make the decision to change that and succeed the boost to your sense of self-worth and self-esteem is terrific.
You've proven to yourself and everyone knows you that you're in control of your life and can follow through on commitments even when they get challenging.
There are lots of other quitting smoking benefits, but the last one I want to mention here is the benefit to those who love you.
You've undoubtedly heard about secondhand smoke.
The dangers are very real and if you smoke in the house around your family you are injuring their health.
Even if you don't smoke around your children, you're setting an example you don't want them to follow.
Children of smokers are much more likely to smoke themselves.
Finally, there's the emotional damage you inflict by continuing to smoke.
Those that love you and care about you know that smoking is a self-destructive habit.
It's painful to watch someone you care about ruin their health one cigarette at a time.
When you give up smoking you'll end that pain for your family.
I wish I could end by telling you an absolutely easy and surefire way to quit smoking.
Unfortunately I can't.
But I can tell you that it is absolutely possible to quit and it's easier today than it's ever been.
We have a lot more help and techniques at our disposal.
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