Why Would Anyone Want to Use a Mac Lock?

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The need to protect computing systems at offices or schools or universities has become a critical issue lately as the organizations will equip their work force with but expensive computing systems such as iMac.
An independent study reports that in the year 2009 more than one third of iMac systems at universities and work places get lost, thanks to the handy work of iMac lifters.
Imagine a school pays an annual salary of $50k to its teacher but spending way more to address computer thefts and vandalism.
And repeated vandalism is a noticed phenomenon in schools and universities in US.
Imagine the cost the schools have to bear for repeats? Simply put millions of added burden.
Is there a way to curb this phenomenon? Better still is there an anti-theft accessory for the mac books? There are a range of security solutions to prevent the mac against casual or the opportunistic thefts, including mac lock the iMac lock, macbook or laptop carts, laptop safes which would be perfect for schools.
There are even plate lock systems for potentially risky environments including the dormitory rooms of universities and schools.
There shouldn't be second thought in giving the best security to your computing systems at your office or school dorms.
For which there can't be a better choice than having the mac books locked when not in use.
A Mac lock acts as the first line of defense to secure the mac book and safeguards it.
But here are a few tips to safeguard your mac book whether you use computer security hardware such as mac lock:
  • If the thief is serious he will not hesitate to cut through cables and run away with your devices very easily.
    So to have what is called as many-layered protection to the mac book you can have apps and alarms or even sensors that can capture thief's photo upon opening the device.
    There are traction apps which helps track it in case the mac book is stolen to increase the chance of getting it back.
  • There are security hardware as well as recovery software that offer guarantee of recovery.
    Many of the software and apps companies work in association witj police to help recover the stolen mac book.
  • It pays to encrypt all personal information and data on your mac book.
    You are not going to spoon feed the thief with the credit card information and PINs and passwords, and address books.
    Encrypting those means decreased chance of misuse of the credit cards.
  • Besides mac lock it is advisable to use drive locks besides as drive helps safeguard tampering of drives and data just in case the thief tries to intrude and access the information stored on various drives.
  • Finally, it can't be over stated to have booting of the mac book enabled by a password prompt.
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