Vietnam Vets Benefits

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    Agent Orange

    • Perhaps the set of benefits most specific to those who served in Vietnam is that which deals with the aftereffects of the herbicide Agent Orange, widely used by the U.S. military during the conflict to defoliate the Vietnamese jungles to reduce guerrilla warfare against American troops. The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) published its guide in November 2008 stating the benefits related to Agent Orange. A number of specific benefits were offered within this category. Veterans with one or more of a long list of illnesses and diseases including lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and a host of cancers linked to Agent Orange are eligible for compensation from the Veterans Affairs administration ranging from 20 to 100 percent of their medical bills each month. Veterans whose children developed certain conditions, also connected with the herbicide, most notably spina bifida, are also eligible for compensation.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Due to the traumatic experiences faced daily by those fighting in the Vietnam War, many who returned were unable to leave the trauma behind. The post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by those soldiers is another problem addressed by the U.S. government. Depending on the severity of a veteran's PTSD and his ability to connect these symptoms to a particular event in the Vietnam era, the government may provide disability compensation if the symptoms drastically affect normal life.

    Vocational Counseling

    • In addition to benefits that specifically relate to Vietnam veterans, Veterans Affairs offers a number of general benefits for all veterans that Vietnam-era veterans can take advantage of. One of these is vocational counseling. The department's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program helps veterans move forward in their careers after military service.

    Home Loans

    • There are several ways that veterans can receive special rates on home loans, either for new house purchases or to refinance to a more affordable monthly payment on an existing home. Programs exist to help veterans preclude foreclosure by opening up credit and/or reducing interest rates.

    Health Care

    • Vietnam veterans are also eligible for a variety of general health care benefits offered by Veterans Affairs. These include preventive care and surgical or other medical procedures done at veterans' health care facilities. Veterans are also eligible for prescription drug coverage through the Veterans Affairs administration.

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