How to Create a Legal Will

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    • 1). Research your state's laws. Each state's law governing what must go into making a legal will differ. You should always be sure your will complies with the relevant state requirements before you try to make your own.

    • 2). Write and sign your will. It should be in writing, preferably in a typed document. You do not have to write it yourself, but the will must express your desires about what you want to happen to your property after you die. If you are unable to sign it, you can direct someone else to sign it on you behalf.

    • 3). Get it witnessed by two competent adults. Though the witnesses do not need to see you sign the will, you must be able to assert to them that the will is yours and that you signed it or directed it to be signed. The witnesses ideally should be two people who do not stand to inherit property under the will.

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