Clues to Network Marketing Success

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I can tell you with honesty after spending 20 years in this industry that building a network marketing business can be an intimidating task when you are just beginning.
Just follow these six easy tips and I assure you...
you will succeed.
You need to "Know your why".
Simply put...
this is your reason for starting your new network marketing business.
So, take some time to find out just what "your why" is.
Write it down and read it everyday.
This will keep you motivated and focused.
It's uniquely different for each of us.
For some it's about having more time with the family.
For others it's about getting out of "the rat race".
And for others it might be the goal to achieve "financial freedom".
Work from the inside out.
To achieve network marketing success it's essential that you devote some time for self development.
Read some inspirational and positive books and listen to tapes.
Develop a mindset of total belief in yourself and the network marketing industry.
And be proud to be a network marketer...
it's a respectable professional industry that can give you wonderful benefits as an entrepreneur.
You must "plug into the system".
Most network marketing companies have "leadership teams" and you should be part of the system and follow and use what your upline sponsor and leadership is teaching.
Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
If it's been working before you...
then just plug in and ride the wave.
Be on all of your company's training calls, all leadership events, all company sponsored events.
Bottom line is you need to be on the "centerline" of your business with your company.
Follow in the footsteps of people who are successful in the business.
Remember, this is a "duplication" business...
surround yourself with successful people and "mirror" what they are doing for success.
Yes, success can rub off on you! 4.
Some say you should take action.
I believe to have success; you need to take MASSIVE ACTION! Commit to daily, weekly and monthly activities to grow your business.
Building a network marketing "network" takes time...
so be patient.
Many people join network marketing with unrealistic expectations.
So, give it time and enjoy the process.
you're learning a "new career" so become the "student" and learn...
and most importantly BE COACHABLE and TEACHABLE.
Take responsibility for your business.
Y ou are responsible for your success.
It is not your sponsor's or anyone else's responsibility to build your business.
Remember by following the footsteps of others who have achieved success you can too.
Most of all, to achieve the success you desire, have a mindset of a successful individual and reach out and find a mentor in the industry that you can relate to and can help lead you down the path to success.
Success can be learned...
you don't have to be born into it...
you can develop the skill set that you need to accomplish your "WHY"...
and achieve your goals and attain the lifestyle of a successful network marketing leader and have the financial freedom that comes along with the success.
You know, that small little voice inside your head that's saying "Damn, this guy sounds serious...
I have got to find out what he's all about and what he's doing...
Man, I want to be part of his team...
IMMEDIATELY!" So, just listen to that little voice inside your head...
believe me...
that voice is trying to guide you in the right direction to get the knowledge and mentoring that you're seeking.
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