Need a Gift for a Friend? This List Covers Everyone

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What to Buy for a Friend - Introverts, New Friends, Coworkers, and More

Finding it hard to buy a gift for your friend? Let's narrow down some choices based on your friend's personality or interests.

Is your friend...?


When You're Stumped on What to Give a Friend | Giving a Gift Card | Friendship Gift Books

Sometimes you'll just be completely stumped and unable to think up a good gift for a friend. There are people who "try too hard" when it comes to gifts, and over-think them to the point that they miss obvious things.

If you're feeling blocked for ideas, try doing something else for a while. You might be under a time crunch to buy something, but sitting there trying to think or stare at the walls certainly isn't going to help you.

An idea may pop up when you're focusing on something else. Trying taking a walk or doing a task like laundry. The best ideas seem to happen then.

Also, think of things you and a friend have done in the past. Did you go to a restaurant she liked? Talk about an author he wanted to read?

If you're really out of ideas, don't be afraid to give a gift card, because even that can be a thoughtful gift. Here's how to give a gift card and make it more personal. A well thought out gift card is actually much better than giving a bad gift.

Gift List for Every Type of Friend | Giving a Gift Card | Friendship Gift Books

Contrary to what you might have heard, gift cards are actually just fine to give a friend, but presentation and wrapping is important. If you just hand your friend a card reluctantly and say something like, "I didn't know what to get," your friend will feel your negative energy.

Instead, give them something that reflects their interests, and make sure you tell them or write in a card why you're giving them the gift card:
  • "I know you love novels so I thought you'd like to pick out some favorite books on your wishlist with this."
  • "The last time we talked you said you could use some time for yourself, so here's a gift card to that spa down the street."
  • "Remember when we went to that lunch place downtown and you couldn't stop raving about the apple pie? I got you a gift card there so you can go again!"


Gift List for Every Type of Friend | Gifts for Girl Friends | Coworker Gifts

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