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At such a time when our institute is conducting research on the astrological difference between two persons born at the same time and place, to think that future can be known from zodiac forecast, is in a sense, impossible.
A little study on this subject of Zodiac Forecast reveals that the total population of the world divided by twelve equals the part of the population coming under one sign of the zodiac.
For instance, the present population of the world is approximately 6 billion and if divided into twelve parts corresponding to each sign of the zodiac it equals a figure no less than 50 crore.
Therefore, one sign of the zodiac covers approximately 50 crore people of the world.
If one sign is to be further sub-divided then one sign divided by nine equals one portion ruled by a specific letter of the alphabet.
As shown below: One sign of the zodiac divided by 9 = one portion(letter) = 5 crore 55 lakh people.
Therefore, one letter, as for instance, 'sa' letter has approximately 5 crore 55 lakh people coming under it when it has been observed that one person with his name starting from 'sa' letter is very well-placed when another 'sa' person is doing the most lowly kind of work.
Ramayana describes the battle between rama and ravana in which rama('ra' letter) killed ravana('ra' letter).
Therefore, if rama and ravana both would themselves have been killed or had killed the other one then the significance of zodiac sign would have been displayed.
What happened to the zodiac forecast then? Another instance is of Krishna killing Kamsa.
Krishna('K' letter) killed kamsa( 'K' letter) so where was the zodiac forecast at that time? In the same manner, when Dr.
Manmohan Singh became the prime minister of India then each and everyone with his name starting with 'ma' letter should have been placed under government service, which is impossible.
In conclusion, zodiac forecast has no sound and scientific basis for making future predictions.
by Pt.
Sunil Sharma Director
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