How to Use Herbal Infusion Baths and Poultices

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    • 1). Check out your local area or Chinatown or search online for herbal stores or manufacturers. Poultices or emulsions can be made from fresh plants, dried or powdered formulations. Try to buy organically grown plants and herbal products.

    • 2). Preparing the fresh herb plant is important. Take notice of the various parts of the plant that you will use, as potency varies according to plant species and plant parts. Wash the plant or parts of the plant gently under cool running water and pat dry on cotton cloth or a clean towel. Leave to dry for 10 to 20 mintues before use on the affected area or for preparation into a powdered form, compress or emulsion.

    • 3). For preparing the fresh herb for infusions, boil and steep the leaves, flowers and seeds in a saucepan of 1 pint of boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. Continue to stir the herbs as it is boiling then strain the water from the herbs. Allow to cool and dry before further processing or use.

    • 4). Infusions can be used for external or internal use. A popular way to use herbal infusions with a relaxing bath. For aromatic baths add 1 to 2 pints of strained herbal infusion and a couple of drops of aromatherapy essential oil to the bath. For a really relaxing bath also add some bubble bath to the water. Relax and enjoy.

    • 5). Other ways to treat common medical conditions with infusion baths is to use them in hand/foot baths or body washes. Hand baths are a great way to find some relief from arthritis pain. Place a cool infusion in a bowl and immerse your hand in the herbal treatment for 5 to 10 minutes. For tired feet or to find some relief from colds, pour the infusion in a bowl containing hot water and relax your feet in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Infusions can be used for body washes to treat or find releif for affected areas of the body. Use a clean cotton cloth and dip it into a bowl of cool tepid infusion. Bathe the affected area with the infused cloth.

    • 6). Herbal poultices can be used in various ways to relax the body and offer temporary relief. Poultices can be made from fresh, dried or powdered herbal plants. To use fresh herbs directly on the affected area, place the prepared herb on the skin and secure with a clean bandage. Dried herbs are placed directly onto the bandage and applied to the affected area. If using powdered herbs, mix the powder with cold water into a paste and apply onto the affected skin.

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